Perspective of Karabakh conflict settlement unreal in current conditions

Mon 21 June 2010 09:46 GMT | 14:46 Local Time

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Vafa Guluzade

Azerbaijani political scientist Vafa Guluzade has commented on regional processes.

“The perspective of the establishment of peace in the region in the light of the Karabakh conflict today is as unreal is a year or two ago. It is possible to settle this problem only in condition of the conclusion of a “geopolitical deal” between all concerned parties that have a significant influence on the region, primarily between the world superpowers-Russia and the United States. But considering all processes in the relations between these countries, I do not see any real chances for the settlement of this problem this way. This is also proven by the fact that there is not a single hint for Armenia to soften its position. Therefore, I am quite skeptical about a new round of negotiations. It would be naïve to suppose that Sargsyan and his fellows that have come to power on the wave of the Karabakh war would disavow their positions. They may take this step only in the case they feel strong pressure of world superpowers that today are more interested in status quo”, political scientist Vafa Guluzade said.

As for comments of the Armenian political scientists about possible placement of Russian peacekeepers in the region of the conflict which will “evict” Turkey from the negotiation process, Guluzade said Armenians are just setting the desired for the reality.

 “If last year weak Azerbaijan went without the participation of any peacekeepers in the area of the conflict, today strong Azerbaijan will go without them even more. Armenians want to legalize their occupation by promoting such topics in mass media. As for Turkey, no one will be able to evict it from the region. This is a strong regional superpower that will have an influence on it. Let Armenians not to think that Turkey may be evicted from here”.
As for the upcoming visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Azerbaijan, the political scientist said the visit of the US  Secretary of State to Azerbaijan after 18 years is of great importance.

“At that time, Secretary of State James Baker was visiting a different Azerbaijan and his visit aimed at familiarization, while Clinton will visit a strong and self-sufficient Azerbaijan which is a strategic partner of the United States. We have much to be discussed with Mrs. Clinton and I think this visit will promote the development of our bilateral relations. I believe this visit will become useful for cooperation of the two countries”.



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